How Avon Works

Avon is set up to be very easy to use, and very user-friendly. They run in two week cycles. Every two weeks, you start with a new brochure. You distribute that out to your family and friends. During those two weeks, they all hand order slip backs to you, send you email messages, call you on the phone, and you collect all the orders. You don't worry about getting any payments yet - you just find out what they want to get.

On the last day of the order cycle, you put all your orders into the system. This can be done via a phone system or online if you have web access. Along with your product orders, you request any samples you'd like, and you tell them how many brochures you'd like for the next set. Three days later, all of the items from your order show up at your house. NOTE: For a few areas, you are required to go and pick up your order. This might be a royal pain for some reps, depending on their family and driving situation! Make sure you check before you sign up, what the policy in your specific area is.

Now you distribute the products to your clients, and they pay you when they get their items. You also give them the next brochure at the same time - and the cycle continues again!

The more products you sell in a given cycle, the higher percentage commission you get. So this encourages you to expand your customer base each cycle, to find new people to distribute your brochure to.

There is always a 100% money back guarantee, so your buyers know that they will enjoy what they get. You can also distribute samples, so they can try out perfumes and creams to discover which they like the best.

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