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With all of the organization Avon has, they don't make it easy for you to generate invoices for orders you are going to deliver. In all of the main report areas, they simply lump "everything you got shipped" into one big report. In the box you get, the printouts you are provided with just show everything in the box - with no indication of what goes with who.

If your home delivery people ordered online, YOU have no idea of who ordered what :) They put their own orders in. Even if you did put in the orders, perhaps you lost the slips you had the information written down on.

The way to get to the breakdown of who actually ordered what is to log into your online Avon area. Then go to:

* My Account -> See Order History

Click on the confirmation number next to the campaign you're interested in. It will show you each person's name there along with the number of items and the total amount. Click on a person to get the exact details of what they ordered.

You can print this page out to include with their items, or you can cut-and-paste that information into a Word document to format it a little more nicely. I suggest you create a Word template that has your name, address and other information on it, and then cut and paste each persons' information into that template to print it out. That way it looks a little more professional.

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