Leaving Avon

We all have different stages in our lives. We have quiet times and busy times. We work from home for a while, then we decide to work at a regular office for a while. We have parents that get sick, or kids that go off to college.

It might be that you try out Avon for a few months and decide the twice-a-month schedule just does not work out well for you. Or you might be a loyal Avon worker for many years, but just lose interest in it. For whatever reason, if you decide not to continue with Avon, it's important to end the relationship with the same professionalism that you began.

First, tell your Avon contact! Don't be embarassed or worried. Everybody changes over time. It's what people do. If you've decided to do something else with your time, good for you. It was a choice you made. Let Avon know so that they stop sending you things and expecting responses.

Next, tell your clients. They can find someone else to order from, or order from the Avon website. That way they know not to expect more brochures from you.

That's pretty much it! It's quick and easy. But it should be done properly. Don't just vanish, or hang up the phone when people call you. You never want to burn bridges. Be up front that you've lost interest, and move on.

Note that if you miss three orders in a row, Avon will assume that you have decided to stop working with Avon. That's six weeks, after all! If you're going to go on vacation or take a break, just let them know so that they can put your account on hold. That way you can resume again when you return.

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