Placing a Late Order

The entire Avon system is geared towards a two week cycle. Let's say you begin on January 1st, a Wednesday. Your order for Campaign 1 needs to be in by noon on Wednesday, January 15th. Any orders you submit before the 15th are all counted as Campaign 1.

Now, supposedly, if you miss that noon deadline for some reason, you can still submit Campaign 1 late, and pay an extra fee to have it shipped out to you. In fact, because of a QuickPay screw-up, I was unable to put my order in on one Wednesday. I sorted out the QuickPay situation, and then submitted my order on that Friday. It was clearly for the "Campaign ending on Wednesday" in my screens. I clicked to have it delivered separately for the extra money.

When the campaign got into the system, it somehow was now registered as belonging to the NEXT campaign. I wrote in to ask to have it reset to the previous campaign and asked when it would ship. Customer support said sorry, it can't be changed, and that it would be delivered when it was appropriate. I.e. they wouldn't tell me!

The lesson here is as much as they say you can order things late, don't expect to be able to. Either you get it in on time, or you plan to wait for the next cycle.


OK, when the next campaign date rolled around, this "late order" activated. It got hit with a $10 fee for being an "extra" order - even though it was now my main order for that campaign. It also only got me a 20% discount instead of the 50% discount it should have (as I was still in my initial training period). Very frustrating all around. Again, the system just doesn't seem to deal with late / extra orders very well at all.

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