Paper Order - Old Avon Method

The old style, original method for taking an Avon order - which worked back in the 1800s and works today too - is that you have an actual paper form that clients fill out. They write down which item they want, what page they found it on in the brochure, and its price. This is the most simple of all systems. There are no computer screens, no browser issues, and hopefully no confusion. Since they write down the item and price, they know exactly what they are getting.

With this system, you distribute order forms with the brochures. If you want, the client can tell you what they want, and you can write it down for them. This of course gets into the classic "telephone" problem where you don't quite write down what they told you to, and the order gets put in incorrectly. It really works best if you have their order, in their own handwriting, so you have proof of what they asked for :)

Now, as far as you submitting the order, you have a few choices. You have your own paper form that you can transcribe this information onto, and send in that physical paper form to Avon HQ for processing. You can call in the order via the phone system. You can also enter the order into your online web interface.

The first two are pretty straightforward. The paper order form has little boxes to fill out. The phone order system has prompts that you answer. So I'll talk about the third system - the online web interface.

To start, go to the 'My Orders' tab in your online interface. Choose the customer you want to add the order for from the drop down list of customers. If the person isn't in the system yet, use 'Add New Customer' to add them in. This makes sure you keep the orders properly associated with the person who ordered the item.

Now you're given a form page where you can put in the Item # and quantity of each item that person ordered. Just go down their listing and fill in each item, one by one. You'll see the details fill in such as the name and description, so you can be sure you filled in the item number properly. There's even a mode where you can page through an online version of the brochure, and click on things there if that's easier for you.

Save their order, and you're all set!

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