Your Avon Rep Order Online

Usually you, the Avon Representative, want to order items each Campaign. These items might include samples to give out to your clients, new brochures, bags to deliver things in, as well as of course bath beads and other items you actually want to use and enjoy.

To place your own "personal" order in with the campaign, you create an order just as you would for a paper order-slip submitting client. You go into your online area, and click on the "My Orders" tab. Choose yourself - i.e. your name - from the drop down customer list. You should be in there, probably in capital letters, as being the rep assigned to this account. Once you choose yourself, you will get an order form to fill in.

You can browse by type of item - samples, demo items, brochures and so on. You can also simply type in item numbers into the form, or browse an online version of the current brochure to choose items in that manner.

Note that you have to buy brochures, for $1.25/pack of 5. So that's your only really "required" purchase each time, if you want to distribute brochures to your clients to buy from during the next campaign.

The order under your own name helps you keep your own purchases separate from those of your clients. When you're all done, submit the entry and you're set!

The Downsides

When you get your paper confirmation with the actual order, it doesn't break it out by order! It just lists everything that came in. The same is true for the online accounts. You have to dig into My Account - Online Order history to see the individual customers and what they got.

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