Keeping Records of Avon Sales

Definitely keep track of each sale you make in a spreadsheet on your home computer. That way if you lose your net connection, or if you're not sure that the Avon website is tracking things properly, you always have a backup.

I keep two different spreadsheets to track my Avon business. First, a basic one which keeps track, by date, of each order that comes through. It looks like this:

Name | Campaign | Date | Order ttl | Type | My Cut | Notes

The type field in my spreadsheet is set to either "direct" - for people who ordered for direct delivery right on the site - or "delivery" - for people I have to manually bring the items out to. This way I can quickly see - by adding up the "my cut" column - how much I'm earning at any given point in time. Also, in the notes field I can indicate when something got delivered to someone.

The second spreadsheet I maintain is more detailed about my own internal, business finances. It helps me to keep track of fees and expenses, for tax purposes. It looks like this:

Date | Campaign || Others Order | ecust earn || order owe | proc fee | per cust | tax | erep | misc | disc || Income | Expense | Net Profit

This one will take a little more explaining.

The first two columns - date and campaign - are just for tracking purposes. Then I have a blank column after them, for space.

The next two columns - others order and ecust earn - are the income I'm getting. I keep my own orders separate from this report. This is solely about what other people are ordering from me. The ecust earn is the money I get as my commission from each e-customer. Since those people pay directly to Avon, I never see any other money coming in or out for those people. I just get "deposits" based on my commission from each sale. So this is my income area. Then there is another blank column, for space.

Now for the expenses. Order owe is the amount I owe Avon for the order portion. It's always reported as a separate line on the order account statement. Next, proc fee is the order processing fee, usually $2.50. The per cust is the 75 cent per-customer order Avon tags on to each order. Tax is, of course, tax. Erep is the $7.50 per campaign fee you pay to have an Avon web sales site. You can ignore this (and the ecust earn) if you're not doing online sales. Misc is where I put random, miscellaneous fees like the appointment sign-up fee of $10 when you first join Avon. Finally, disc is where I include discounts that I give my customers. In essence their discounts are coming out of the earnings I made from them buying things. Then another blank column.

Finally, the summary. For income, have it sum up the 'others order' and the 'ecust earn' columns. That is the money coming in to you .

For expense, have it sum up the order owe, proc fee, per cust, tax, erep, misc and disc columns. Those are all columns that you are paying out money to Avon or to your customers as a discount.

Finally, net profit is your income minus your expenses. Hopefully this is a positive number each campaign!

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