Recruiting Representatives

Representatives in Avon tend to focus in one of two areas. Either they work on selling more and more products, to get a large volume of sales, or they become more of a "mentor" - recruiting new representatives to support those reps in a management role. Avon provides support for both types of system.

For those who want to focus on the products, Avon provides more and more percentage of income the more items you sell. This gives you incentive to sell more items, and rewards you for your success.

For those reps who aren't interested primarily in product volume - but would rather help other women succeed in the Avon system - there is incentive there as well. First, they often offer monthly incentive plans. For example, in a given month if you signed up three new reps, they might reward you $20 for the third rep, $30 for the fourth rep, and so on. They don't seem to usually provide any rewards for just one or two reps in a given month.

Second, if you sign up five or more reps, and you yourself are bringing in at least $250 per campaign (to prove you are a quality mentor to be able to help them) then you are now becoming a "Unit Leader". If you decide to, you can take on mentorship activities - helping the reps learn how to use the system, answering their questions and so on. You get a financial bonus at this point, based on the sales levels and the number of reps you are mentoring.

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