How Many Avon Sales Can I Expect?

Avon, like pretty much any sales organization, tends to be highly optomistic when they quote you how many sales you can get each week and how much money you can make. In a way, it's true. If you were a super go-getter and tried to sell items to every person you met, you probably could make a ton of money. It all depends on your personality and how much time you want to devote to the effort.

However, to give you a real life example, and to investigate the claim that "Avon product quality sells itself", let's take ... me :) I have a network of 300 editors who all work with me at I run the site and write to them all every few days, so they hopefully know and trust me. I also have a group of 20 "Geek Girls" - women that I meet up with monthly to share information on running a business and managing a website. This group also knows and trusts me. I won't even count my family and friend distribution list.

When I began with Avon, Avon gave me a 50% commission on my first two campaigns. As a test, I emailed these 320 "close female friends" and offered to give them that discount. That is, if they placed an order on the Avon website or through me, I would then give them my commission. They would get their products at 50% off. If they needed to direct deliver to their home for some reason, the commission is "only" 20% off, but still substantial. You would think if any of these women were even slightly interested in Avon products, that they'd be very happy at the chance to get it for a low rate.

Out of all those women, only 5 bought. The order amounts were for $10, $14, $28, $30 and $61. So out of 320 people, with 5 orders, that is a 2% order rate. That is, for every 100 people (who knew and trusted me) I approached with a great deal, only 2 people decided to buy.

Would results have been higher if I went one by one to each person and tried to "hustle" them into buying? Yes, certainly. But that wasn't my test. My test was to see how many people would want to buy simply because it was Avon - and having the added incentive of a very low price. If only 5 people bought with the very low price, you would have to assume that even fewer would buy if it was the standard higher price.

Just something to keep in mind, when Avon has you making lists of your friends, and telling you that each friend will buy $20 worth of product each and every campaign.

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