Signing Up with Avon

Signing up to work with Avon is extremely easy. First, you go to the Avon website. For example, my site is at Lisa's Avon Products Site. Just click on the link that talks about being a member, on the left. Fill in some basic information about yourself, so they know how to contact you.

In a few days, you'll get a call from the person who coordinates the large area that you belong to. Note that you have to be patient here. The form might say you'll get a call the next day - but it took a few days for my contact to call me. Also, even though I clearly indicated that I wanted to be called in the evening only, she called on mornings on two different days. My boyfriend answered the first time and told her to call back again in the evening. She didn't - she called on another morning. Ah well!

When you talk to this regional person, she will arrange for you to talk to a more local person. This person will be your immediate contact, your mentor. You two will meet up somewhere to go over the details of how Avon works. My contact asked for me to meet her at a local McDonalds. Not what I would have thought of for a meeting spot, but it did work. She went step by step through the way Avon works, paying close attention to what my personal goals were and how I wanted to do things. There's only a $10 fee to get started - and you get more than $10 in "goods" handed to you in return. You get a tote bag, various samples, brochures, instructional CDs, and much more.

If I have any complaints about the sign-up spiel, it's that they are a bit too optomistic. They want you to list out 20 friends' names to illustrate to you how large your potential base is. Then they talk about how you can get all 20 people to buy $20 worth of items every 2 weeks. They say this means you get $400 of sales - or $200 in income - every two weeks. Well, in reality you're not going to get all 20 friends to buy things every other week, necessarily. Also, you're not earning 50% commission at only a $400 level. I think they could be much more realistic in what they start with. Avon has incredible income benefits and great products as it is. Just telling the real facts would be great. If you inflate peoples' expectations, that can lead to sad results.

In any case, the meeting took about 45 minutes, and was very easy. I signed a very simple contract. There's no other fees required. There are no weekly sales quotas. You don't have to pay for product up front. It's very much geared towards the stay-at-home mom who wants to start easy and build it up as she goes.

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