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If you sign up for the web sales aspect of Avon - at $15 a month - you can take in orders online. It will be up to you and your plans for Avon whether this is worth it or not to you. Remember, with thousands of other Avon representatives all online, it won't work well just trying to create an online shop. You'll have the same products - at the exact same prices - as thousands of other representatives out there. What works best is the personal one-on-one contact you create with your clients. Where a sales website might work well is if your clients are all computer savvy and would rather fill out their own orders online rather than filling out pen-and-paper slips for you to collect.

Here's an example of my Avon sales site. You'll see that you can browse by category. Down below, off the screenshot, there's a link to an online "virtual brochure" - i.e. the visitor can actually go page by page through the current brochure to buy things that way.

If you click the link below to my products site - and then click the "shop" link in the top menu bar - you'll see an actual live version of how this works.

Note that as a rep you get a MUCH smaller percentage of direct-delivery sales, compared to when Avon ships to you and you deliver it to them. That's because it's so much more cost effective for Avon to ship to you in bulk, vs shipping tons of little packages out to individual people.

Here is feedback from someone who ordered from my Avon sales site:

It was very smooth. I just clicked on the link you sent, selected "shop" at the top and then browsed the contents on the left. When I got to the shopping cart, I chose Paypal and it took me right in. Then I got a msg saying the merchant would process the order. Smooooth sailing. :)

Thanks - I've been wanting to get Skin So Soft for years - we live in the woods with too many buggies - thrilled to see it has built in sun protection now, too!

Some of the pages were difficulet to navigate but the service was prompt when it said it was going out. I liked it and might order from you again.

I thought the order process went fine. The site was relatively easy to use - there is a little bit of a learning curve, but no more so than if I sat down with a catalog I wasn't familiar with and tried to find something I wanted - i.e. what category does this company put item X in in the index, where is the index, am I better off just flipping through, can I afford to flip through or will I find too many things I want that I shouldn't buy (yes!) I was very pleased by how quickly I got my order too.

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