Budgie Breeding Information

Budgies are the most popular pet bird in the world, and are extremely friendly. They breed without any special work necessary, and they normally tend quite nicely for their babies. Your new baby chicks would be ready to deliver after about 6 weeks, and if you hand feed them, you can easily make $50 or more per chick.

Yes, it is a LOT of work to hand raise any bird. You need to be there every day - you can't take off on a weekend vacation. You have to take them to the vet to be checked over for disease or problem. You have to feed them healthy fresh foods, such as veggies, fruits, even tuna fish and eggs. But for most bird breeders this is a labor of love, they truly become attached to the little fluffy chicks and enjoy every moment of interaction. Many bird breeders find it extremely hard to then sell off their "product"!

I have many pages on budgies on my Parakeet Pages to get you started. If you focus on raising healthy, friendly birds, you can easily charge more than the pet stores do for their "bin of budgies" bulk raised creatures. I get emails weekly from people looking for hand raised birds, so the market is definitely out there.

Make sure you have a good relationship with your local vet before beginning, and that you talk to local bird breeders about their experiences. The more prepared you are, the better. After all, these are little life forms you are caring for!

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