Setting Up your Home for Breeding Birds

As always, the very first thing you need to do when live animals are involved is go to your town hall. Be sure to talk to your local town hall to see what the regulations are in your area regarding raising animals and operating a small business out of your home. This is DEFINITELY not something you want to try to do without talking to them first. You don't want to get part way into your project and have a house full of cages, only to have the neighbors alert the authorities and have the entire set of items confiscated.

Usually your town hall will be quite happy to help you out with your plans. Make sure that you have cages that are large enough for the birds you will have. Nobody likes to see a mistreated animal, and you could have the ASCPA, PETA and other organizations harassing you if you harm the birds! It's OK to start small, but have a plan in place for what you'll do once your inventory of feathery friends doubles and quadruples.

Always have a medical kit on hand, with the basics necessary for treating an injured bird. I have information on that on my Parakeet Pages. Have a good relationship with your local vet and have a 24 hour number to call in case of emergency. Birds get themselves into all sorts of jams, and it's your responsibility to get the treatment necessary.

Make sure temperature is not going to be an issue. Many birds are sensitive to extreme heat or extreme cold, and also to quick temperature changes. Have the aviary somewhere that the temperature is fairly constant, that there is shade from the sun and a cover for sleeping at night.

Talk to your local pet stores, and find out which ones are going to accept your offerings. Start up a website for your business, and list the birds you will be offering. It can take several months for a website to be well indexed by search engines, so you want to start early so that by the time your chicks are ready for sale, people can find you. Many people do look on the web for pets, especially for the more unusual bird types or rare colors.

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