Craft Fair Tips

A craft fair can be incredibly important for your business. Not only do people buy your products at the craft fair, but more importantly, they pick up your business card. You never know what shop owners or friends of shop owners will be there. You can easily meet your biggest customer of the year at a craft fair. It's important that you make the right impression!

Friendly and Welcoming
People like to work with people that are easy to work with. That makes sense. So make sure you get ample sleep the night before, don't go out drinking heavily. If you're having stress at home, take a hot bubble bath and get some lavender lotion or candles. Make sure you give yourself ample extra time to find the craft fair, and have maps and phone numbers with you in case you get lost. The more relaxed and ready you are at the fair, the more likely that people will want to work with you.

Well Laid Out Booth
Every craft fair has its own rules and regulations about your area. Read up on them beforehand and plan ahead. You want your area to be as attractive and welcoming as possible. Remember, there will be a lot of other people here, with equally nice products. You want yours to stand out in someone's mind. Get a nice tablecloth for the table area, and bring a few themed decorations if you can.

Dress for Success
You don't want to dress as if you were going to a wedding, but do pay attention to your clothes. People move quickly at craft fairs so you only have a tiny amount of time in which to make that all-important first impression. Dress neatly and appropriately for the weather so you're not shivering or sweating. If you wear a fun pin or necklace that relates to your crafting area, that can get people to break the ice with you.

Lots of Samples
The tough thing here is that you only have X amount of space available. If it is too cluttered, people won't look at items because there is simply too much. Lay out only 1 or 2 of each item, but have a wide variety of items. Have as many as will fit *with space* on the table. You want each item to stand out on its own as a special object. Some people will naturally be drawn to one object, while others love another object. By having a variety, you hope to have *something* to catch the eye of each person who goes by. Keep any duplicates beneath the table.

Little Take-Home Samples
Visitors love freebies! If you're a soapmaker, package up little soap chips with labels. If you're a candle maker, make tiny mini-candles with the fragrances. If a person gets a free sample, it helps them remember your business even that much better.

Big Sample Photo Book
Have a binder that has photos of EVERY project you've ever done. You never know what obscure item might really appeal to someone. Leave it open on the table to one of your favorites, and encourage people to flip through. Sometimes it might be that one-time trial you did that gets you a large contract.

Business Cards
You don't know how many people either bring too few business cards or forget to bring any at all! Have stashes of business cards in your car, in your purse, in your crafting bag, everywhere. Offer them to everyone. Many times it's not the person who takes the card that ends up being your big client - often it's their friend, or relative, or someone they meet that ends up making the connection.

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