Craft Home Business Ideas

If you're generally crafty, here are some types of crafts to consider working with.

A good friend of mine, Jeanne, runs a soapmaking business from her home. She began small, with just a few varieties and molds. Over time she has added in more molds, developed more styles, and has learned which will do well. She finds some do really well during the holidays, while others do well at summertime. Once you get the hang of soapmaking, you can take samples to your local gift shops and see if they will carry them. Local tourist spots are always a good place to try. They love "local handmade" products! Jeanne's Soap Shop

Wood Turning
Another good friend of mine (a couple, actually) enjoys wood turning. They create fine bowls, cutting boards, and sculptures from blocks of wood. Their creations are gorgeous works of art. They can also make smaller items - Christmas ornaments, key chain fobs, etc. They always do very well at craft fairs, and at specialty craft shops.

This is something that I enjoy a great deal, and I sell origami items on this website. My sales range from small orders of cranes for enclosing in Christmas Cards to gigantic orders for wedding themes. Your best bet here is to develop a specific style of origami you're good at - say money origami or dragon origami - and market those. There are a ton of 'crane sales' for generic items on the web. There are practically no shops for people who want something more special. Lisa's Origami Area

Candlemaking is amazingly fun, and the fragrances can really make a difference to your own home work environment, never mind the sales to others. I love making candles. One of the big things to consider here is your home business insurance. You're dealing with a flaming object :) Some insurers won't even cover this type of craft. Be sure to look thoroughly into it before you begin your sales.

Hand made quilts are VERY popular right now, because they are both gorgeous and functional. Many art museums are running quilting exhibits. Quilts are hard to bring to craft fairs, but do very well in internet sales as you can reach a global market. Be sure to make up a binder with photos of all of your quilts, so that if you do go to a craft faire with a sample or two, you can show the rest of your work off. Often it is one particular design that will really appeal to a buyer.

Barettes / Hair Ribbons
Girls are trained practically from birth that their hair makes them pretty / sexy. They spend incredible amounts of money each year on items to make their hair look better. You can make ribbon barettes, flower barettes, barettes with jewels in them, and more. The best thing is that a person will typically keep buying more and more of these items, to go with their different outfits.

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