Popular Themes for Drawing / Painting

It's important to note here that I'm not saying to only use your artistic talent for "popular causes". However if you are naturally interested in one of these topics, it could give you a VERY easy stream of money and a loyal fan following. Once you have those established, you can then branch out and expose people to other ideas. It's like with anything in life. You need to get someone interested in the basics first before you can then help to gently expand their horizons.

People love the imagery of lighthouses - they keep people safe, they bring you home, they take you from the rough seas to the calm land. It's very emotional and soothing. General seascapes are also popular.

Dragons / Fairies
There is a very large segment of new age people, and the popularity of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings has helped it along. This is great for the imaginative artist, because you can draw these items in just about any way imagineable and find an audience for your vision. There are tons of sci-fi festivals at which to show your work.

Animal Type
Just about every person has a favorite animal. Some popular ones are cat breeds, dog breeds, horses, dolphins, wolves, lions, tigers. There are people who decorate their entire home along such a theme. If you created a webpage full of tiger artwork, for example, you probably would never have to advertise. All the tiger lovers in the world would find you and ask for your items. The more specific you get, the better you will do as the "only artist in this niche". If you did Arabian Horses for example, you would find a quite loyal following.

Bird Types
I include birds separately because most people have a favorite animal AND a favorite bird. Popular birds include eagles, hummingbirds, robins, and bluebirds. Flower Type
Most people have a favorite flower that has great meaning to them. Popular items include the rose, lily, daisy, sunflower, violet. Roses are especially popular and romantic.

Hobby / Sport
Traditional hobbies involve people who love to be reminded of their hobbies. Paintings of fishing, hunting, quilting, knitting, biking, golfing, camping, tennis, football, baseball, etc. are always popular with those groups.

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