Selling Crafts on eBay

IMPORTANT NOTE: These ebay pages are online for historical reasons. I would now advice my visitors NOT to use ebay. There are alternative sites which provide a far safer experience. Read my Ebay - Work From Home page for more details. However, for those that are required to use ebay for some reason, the information is retained below.

Many crafters use eBay to help broaden their audience base. You instantly connect with millions of people around the world who are interested in your project. Even if they don't like the particular item you are selling, they now know about you and your types of products. While it isn't proper to use an eBay listing to get yourself advertising, you can of course mention that you are in the business of creating whatever the product is. So if you are selling a quilt, it's perfectly proper to say you are a long time quilter who sells quilts for a living. You can link back to your website's page that describes the types of materials you use and your quality techniques. That way a person who doesn't happen to like that one item can still learn about the other things you make.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Ebay now no longer allows personal website links. So the value to you as a crafter is near zero on ebay. I would recommend using etsy instead. But if you're set on using ebay, read on.

I highly recommend selling 2-3 or more items at once - and having each item being quite different from the others. That way if someone sees one quilt and says "Oh but I hate blue, I wish it was in red", they can look at your related items and see that you do indeed make red items. Also, if someone is into quilts, and they see you have a number of nice quilts that they just aren't interested in, they can easily bookmark you to see what else you offer in future auctions.

Of course I'm using quilts as an example but that is true for any item :)

It's important that you describe the item in detail. Don't worry about scaring people off. If anything, they become MORE trusting and bid higher when they are sure they know every single detail about the item. If you try to hide flaws, people will get nervous at the lack of detail and refuse to bid. Take as many photos as you can, from every angle. People LOVE photos, to really know what it is they are bidding on. Try to include something to give a sense of scale, so they know how big or small the object is.

I was a long term member of ebay - from 1999 through 2009. In the beginning years, ebay was a fantastic community, full of fun bargains, friendly people and a general feeling of joy. It was like going to a fun garage sale on a sunny day and spending time with friends.

However, starting in 2009, changes made to the ebay system altered it overnight from a joy to a horror. In one auction set alone I had three different buyers attempt very questionable refund operations. I went on the forums to get assistance. The forum members' derogatory comments and snide responses shocked me. Literally in one week I went from being from a staunch promoter of ebay to someone who swore never to use the ebay system again.

I am maintaining these pages online for historical reasons, but I would now wholeheartedly warn visitors NOT to use ebay going forward to sell items. The risk to you is too great. Feel free to contact me for all details on the situation. Instead, I highly recommend these systems:

Amazon Sales for selling used CDs, DVDs, books and other products
Etsy for selling personal items (crafts etc)

I have used both of the above sites and they are wonderful.

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