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IMPORTANT NOTE: These ebay pages are online for historical reasons. I would now advice my visitors NOT to use ebay. There are alternative sites which provide a far safer experience. Read my Ebay - Work From Home page for more details. However, for those that are required to use ebay for some reason, the information is retained below.

Once you have the money and the item is shipped out, it's time to worry about feedback. By the time you are selling an item, you should already have bought 10 items to get a sense of what feedback should look like. Each person has their own feedback wording they like to use, but in general it's well worth it to be very verbal and positive if someone pays promptly. That is a very worthy buyer that you want to encourage.

As far as the person giving YOU feedback, you have to do several things as the seller to earn a high rating:
* Send an invoice quickly, if they didn't just pay you without prompting
* Respond quickly when you get payment, so they know it was received
* Package your item well so that it definitely arrives whole
* Send a little added item if you wish
* Give them feedback

If you do all of those things, then you deserve a positive feedback in return. Rarely have I seen situations where feedback is even a problem. People love to reward people that do well. It makes them happy. So if you send out your item promptly, and it is what you said it would be, then people are quite happy. They will give you a feedback in return.

If you mail the item out and do NOT get a feedback in return within a week, then feel free to write them to verify that they got the item. That usually prods them into putting in the feedback. Some people just forget to do it. We all lead busy lives. If someone doesn't give you feedback even after a gentle prod or two, then let it go. You're going to find on eBay that there is just a percentage of sales that doesn't give a feedback. In the grand scheme of things after you get numerous feedbacks, you don't even care about the few that are missing. Does it really matter if you are 275 or 276? If you start to push someone, they are likely to give you a questionable feedback :)

Once both feedbacks are set and the buyer has his item, you are all done! You can remove the item from your reports if you want, and move on to your next sale.

Note: I was told by the ebay forum that including a nice bonus item is a waste of time. Apparently ebay is now about being mercenary and shaving costs as much as possible. This disappoints me greatly and is a main reason I no longer use ebay.

In the ongoing saga of eBay, I just got a set of emails from eBay that my seller rating has been "downgraded". Now keep in mind that because of all the scammer issues these past few months I had stopped using eBay. This past auction set I did - at the beginning of Oct - was my last ever.

One auction person had an issue with one of their CDs and I communicated regularly with them and refunded them. They took longer to respond to me than I did to them. Even so, they gave me a "neutral" rating on that auction because they thought I didn't refund them quickly enough.

Because of that ONE neutral vote - I have 949 positive votes and a ranking of 741 - eBay downgraded my seller status!! It's not that I care at this point, since I don't plan on ever using them again. But I find it outrageous that their system is like that! So one wishy-washy buyer can damage your 10 year long ranking??

It just makes me even more firm in my decision not to use eBay in the future.

I was a long term member of ebay - from 1999 through 2009. In the beginning years, ebay was a fantastic community, full of fun bargains, friendly people and a general feeling of joy. It was like going to a fun garage sale on a sunny day and spending time with friends.

However, starting in 2009, changes made to the ebay system altered it overnight from a joy to a horror. In one auction set alone I had three different buyers attempt very questionable refund operations. I went on the forums to get assistance. The forum members' derogatory comments and snide responses shocked me. Literally in one week I went from being from a staunch promoter of ebay to someone who swore never to use the ebay system again.

I am maintaining these pages online for historical reasons, but I would now wholeheartedly warn visitors NOT to use ebay going forward to sell items. The risk to you is too great. Feel free to contact me for all details on the situation. Instead, I highly recommend these systems:

Amazon Sales for selling used CDs, DVDs, books and other products
Etsy for selling personal items (crafts etc)

I have used both of the above sites and they are wonderful.

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