Choosing a Secret Shopping Company

There are HUNDREDS if not thousands of secret shopper companies out there, that tell you you can become a millionare while eating, drinking, and cruising for free. Most of them are SCAMS. Unfortunately, there is no really reliable way to tell a scammer from an honest company. In modern times, just about anybody can make a nice looking website.

Probably the most reliable way to choose a secret shopping company is to talk to your friends and family and learn who they have used and been paid by. That is the only way I sign up for secret shopping companies myself. You can go onto forums and hear from first person experiences. Of course, the problem with a forum is that some members might be working for the secret shopper company and be promoting the company for pay. You never know. They could be dogs and cats :) The web hides all secrets.

I recommend several shops here that I have personally used. Those are the only companies I can really vouch for. If you want, you can always call the better business bureau for the area a shop is located in, to see if a complaint has been lodged against them. That doesn't always work though, because if a website was just put up yesterday, there won't be time for complaints to have been lodged against them.

In general, as with all things on the web, it's up to you to be an intelligent consumer. Don't just give away your personal information to any website you find. That sets you up for identity theft and worse. Only give your private information to a company you can really trust.

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