Mercantile Systems - Secret Shopping Review

I know local friends who have worked with Mercantile Systems. They send you email alerts, plus you can go online to check on available opportunities there.

They seem to have good restaurants - say at the Hilton or Chinese chains - but there are not many of them. It's sort of hit or miss if something is available in your area. It's good to sign up with to check and get the email messages, but don't count on them for a ton of items.

I don't have any direct knowledge of their payment cycles, but they do seem to be reputable.

NOTE: Mercantile Systems uses the "Sassie Shop" engine to handle their logons and processing. Many different Secret Shopper companies use Sassie Shop as their engine. Don't confuse Sassie Shop with the actual secret shopper company! Think of Sassie Shop as "FrontPage" - i.e. as a web tool. It's just software. You could look at 20 different companies that designed their websites in FrontPage, but they will all be very different from each other. Make sure you keep track of which *secret shopper* company you are working with, even if they all happen to use Sassie Shop as their search engine system.

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