Performing a Secret Shopping Trip

OK, it's time for you to actually go out on your secret shopping trip. You have already studied the documentation, are dressed in proper clothing that blends in with other visitors to this shop. You are well rested and ready to go.

First, NEVER let the employees know at all that you are doing a review. Don't take notes, don't tell them who you are, don't call ahead. The whole point of your review is that you want to know how these employees treat the average visitor to their shop. If they sense that you are a reviewer, they are likely to treat you differently, which would ruin the entire trip.

It can be hard sometimes to remember everything, if the shop is a complicated one. My main advice here is to hold off on doing complicated shops until you get the hand of the most basic ones :) If you start slow, you can quickly learn techniques that help you with the advanced / complex shopping assignments. One trick is to carry a little notebook in your purse / jacket, and to go to the restroom halfway through your trip. In the stall where you can't be seen, scribble down all of your notes up until that point. Then you only have to remember the second half of the trip after that.

Be polite. You don't want to stand out as a rude / obnoxious guest. That being said, you also have to do your job. If the instructions say for you to ask them about X and Y and Z, then do that. Just try to do it in a polite fashion that seems "normal".

Write down EVERYTHING you can as soon as the shop is over. Don't sit in the parking lot right outside the door writing your notes for 20 minutes - most secret shopping is done in waves and it's likely that a shopper is going to go to that same restaurant tomorrow. If the employees see you writing notes in the parking lot, they will know to keep an eye out for anybody suspicious tomorrow and it will throw off the reviews.

Secret Shopping Tips and Information

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