Scheduling a Secret Shopping Trip

Once you have signed up with a secret shopping company, they will start to present opportunities to you. Most secret shopping companies have online interfaces where you can easily search for situations near you. Other secret shopping companies send you email each day with the latest opportunities. Take the time to read your company's documentation to learn how you are going to get your opportunites.

Look through the situations offered and to start with, choose something that is very EASY for you to do. It's going to be stressful enough for you to actually do the shop and take good notes. You don't want to make it even worse by getting lost on the way to the shop or having other problems. Choose the easiest shop option available, even if it's not for a lot of money. This is going to be your "paid training session" in a way.

I personally like restaurant reviews. You are sitting down, you are eating food. You get a free meal out of the shop. Usually the things they ask for you to pay attention to are the things you'd pay attention to anyway - the food quality, the service quality and so on.

Make sure this time you choose is a VERY easy time for you to get to the location. You don't want to be racing around dropping off kids and picking up chores along the way. Just one traffic jam could cause you a problem - and if you get black marks on your records, those are hard to remove later on.

Once you get a scheduled item on your list, it's time to prepare for the shopping trip.

Secret Shopping Tips and Information

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