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I know local friends who have worked with for many months and are quite pleased with them. This is a FREE organization to sign up with. You indicate which states you are interested in seeing shops for, and you can then choose shops based on the town they are in. New shops are added on a schedule - every week or so - and if you're online soon after that release is done, you have quite a number of things to pick from.

In my region, they primarily have Vinny T's restaurant, Bennigans restaurant, Cardio Express health clubs and Healthy Back stores. Healthy Back is a store that sells office furniture and such. The 2 restaurants are quite good with nice quality food. In essence these are all locations that the average SOHO person would want to learn more about for their own life benefits, never mind to be reimbursed for going there.

The selection screens are quite easy to use, and SecretShopper does NOT send you tons of spam or anything else. They simply let you sign up for the shops you want, help you print out the documentation on them, and then provide an online interface to put your review in after the fact.

SecretShopper even sends you a reminder email before each shop, and the person who monitors that account is quite friendly. She's happy to answer any questions you have or to give you advice if you wish.

You get paid once a month for the shops you do. The payments are timely and correct. They request that you only do 2 restaurants each month, which seems to be quite a reasonable request.

In summary, this is FREE. It's easy to use. You can eat out twice a month for free, and help to improve the quality of the restaurants while you do it. I really find this to be a win-win situation.

Highly recommended! website

Note that this is - there are MANY other websites out there with similar names. Make sure you spell this properly :)

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