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While pretty much every secret shopping company signs you up for free, ShadowShopper charges you a fee. That's because ShadowShopper is not a secret shopping company - they are in essence an "agent". They send you THOUSANDS of job opportunities a month for you to sort through and think about. If you want to take one, you go sign up with that actual agency to do the job.

When you're getting started, this service is invaluable. You can literally get swamped with all the offers. There are offers of every shape, size and color. After a while, you begin to figure out which companies make the offers that best suit your particular interests and needs. At that point you will have signed up with all of those companies directly and get their direct mailings. So you can phase out your ShadowShopper account, if you feel you have enough work.

For example, I just went in and asked for all jobs matching my preference set and near me. It came back with 2,724 active jobs. That's certainly a good volume to start with!

They will keep pushing you to increase your "donations" to them to get bold listings, better listings, etc. Just ignore those. use them to find contacts with companies that work well for you, and you'll be fine. website

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