Writing Up a Secret Shopping Review

Most secret shopping companies have an online interface where you enter your review. A lot of this review will probably be automated - choose values from 1 to 10 on various scales, including service, item quality, cleanliness and so on. Those should be fairly straightforward to answer, you will just be clicking buttons.

Be sure to put as much commentary into the review as possible. Remember, the company is paying you money in exchange for your detailed notes. You owe it to them to provide as complete a set of notes as you can, so that they can make their company as good as it can be.

Keep in mind that real, human being employees are going to be affected by what you write. Therefore it is critical that your entire review is written as professionally as possible. In some cases, your review will actually be included in an employee's official job record, and they will be able to read it.

When you therefore write about a given employee, keep your observations VERY objective. You can say that an employee was a "5'6" tall, dark haired girl" to help identify who she was, if you don't get her name. You should NEVER say something like "the ugly, fat, pimply girl with the scar". That would be inappropriate.

When you write your reviews, you would write them *about* the company, not *to* the company. You should not say "You guys should do a better job of cleaning your floors." You should instead say "The floor of the restaurant had crumbs on it as well as pieces of chicken." You want to be as detailed as possible, and always list the items as "factual".

You should list how you felt about situations, not what you feel the company should do to fix them. It is your job to report your experiences, not to tell the company how to run their business. So you should not say, "The waitress wasn't doing her job, she hardly ever came by the table like she should have." Instead, you should say "I would have expected the waitress to stop by after delivering our food, to make sure it was OK. Instead, she stood at the window talking to a friend for 15 minutes, by which point we had finished our entire meal."

Be sure to check thoroughly for any spelling issues! Remember, this is being submitted as a professional review. It is going to become part of job records. It is important for the review to be seen as a fully qualified one.

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