Setting Up an Online Tupperware Party

To start setting up your online tupperware party, you have to "connect" with a local rep. They have you put in your home address to do so. This is for administrative purposes only - you don't have to actually meet this person or have a real life party with them.

Next, you put in your first and last name, a description for your party, and then your email address.

Part 3. You now put in the first name and email address of people you want to "invite". This is the part that concerns me. I feel like I'm divulging personal information about friends to a potential spam source. Who knows how many extra email messages Tupperware is going to send to these people - or if they're going to be signed up for lists. In fact, ironically, the messages I received to let me know the party had been set up and as my invitation to the party (I put myself in as a "friend") were both tagged by Norton Anti-Spam as spam messages.

Here's the link that went out in the initations I created -

Very long, as you can see. However, while it has the party number in it, it doesn't seem to "care" that it was sent to a certain person. Meaning as long as you put yourself in as a friend, and get that message sent to you, YOU can then send that link to all your friends without revealing their names or addresses to Tupperware.

Of course, if your friends decide to order, they'll probably have to tell Tupperware who they are to receive the orders - but that is then their own choice, and their own decision which email address to share. Online Party Information

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