Selling Ebooks

I have had a variety of experiences with ebooks. In some situations I sold NONE even after many months of work. In other situations I sold TONS of them in a short period of time. It all comes down to the context in which they are offered.

If you simply make an ebook shop and tell people "buy these" - they rarely do. They would much rather have a real paper book in their hand to thumb through, to know it is of quality. They don't trust that your techno-ebook is worth the money, even if you put a lot of marketing gobblygook around the ebook's image.

However, if you build up a GREAT SITE, that is full of valuable content, then people learn to respect you as someone who has a lot of knowledge. You can't say "it's all in my ebook, read it there". You have to prove to them first hand that they can trust you. So if you have say a 50 page website on soapmaking, with all sorts of valuable information, photos and techniques, then they will trust you and your soapmaking skills. If you then say "get all of this great information in one handy package, plus a few bonus recipes, by buying my ebook" then very often they will buy it. Not only are they thrilled to get an easy to use ebook version of your content, but they actually enjoy supporting you and your efforts because you were so helpful.

The trick here is to not be greedy. Don't hide all of your content. If you don't show your visitors that you write quality content, they will never pay you for your content. People like to learn about a person before they buy something from them. People like to thumb through a book to read the content before they take it home. The more you build out your website and make it a valued resource, the more likely people are to buy your ebook to read that offline or to print it out for later.

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