Big Five Personality Test

This test helps you determine where you fall on the scale of the Big Five Personality Traits - Smooth Waters, Emotional Stability, Conscientiousness, Openness, and Extraversion. It's almost better if you do NOT read about the traits first, because that way you can self test with a fairly open mind and not subconsciously try to skew your results by choosing what you "think you should choose". You want to be completely honest here. There are no right or wrong answers. Every location on each slider is completely valid and is perfect for certain jobs and certain relationships. What you are doing is figuring out where you fall on the various sliders, so you can then make informed decisions about what is a best fit for you.

This page is part of a research project for my Bachelor's level Leadership Degree from Northeastern University.

There are five pages to these test, of 20 questions each. Please be sure to answer honestly to get accurate results! We are all humans with a range of feelings, so go for the answer which seems closest to how you feel about a given question.

That is, and I realize this is challenging, but take a deep breath and answer each question with how you REALLY feel about it - what is REALLY going on in your world. Ignore what you would hope things "could be like" or what you think others feel is right. Answer honestly from your heart, what your current reality is. This can always be your baseline for future growth, if you wish.

Questions Set 1 of 5

QuestionVery InaccurateModerately InaccurateNeither Accurate Nor InaccurateModerately AccurateVery Accurate
1. Am the life of the party
2. Sometimes upset people without meaning to
3. Am always prepared
4. Get stressed out easily
5. Enjoy exploring strange places
6. Feel uncomfortable around strangers
7. Enjoy talking with people
8. Leave my belongings scattered around
9. Am relaxed most of the time
10. Tend to watch one genre of TV show

11. Feel comfortable around people
12. Consider my own needs first in group planning
13. Pay attention to details
14. Worry about things
15. Actively explore opposing points of view
16. Keep in the background
17. Sympathize with others' feelings
18. Tend to have clutter around
19. Seldom feel blue
20. Are soothed by manuals and documentation

Big Five Personality Traits

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The original basis for these questions were provided explicitly in the public domain by for research purposes. They were then modified as part of this research. Part of the aim was to alter what might be emotionally charged questions - such as "Waste my time" - to more emotionally neutral questions. The hope was that people might answer more honestly if they did not sense there might be a "right" or "wrong" answer. Also, the questions have been tweaked to focus more on a leadership / mentoring role vs a general life discussion of "chores".

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