Home Insurance

Yes, you want a separate Home BUSINESS insurance policy to cover your business activities - but you also want a basic home insurance policy to cover the house. After all, if the house burns down, you no longer have anywhere to do your home business activities.

Shop around - many different companies will offer a widely varying range of rates and coverage. Make sure that you're covered for REPLACEMENT value on things that are lost or stolen. Otherwise they might only give you $100 for that computer, when it will now cost you $2,000 to buy a new one.

Check with whatever memberships you hold - AAA, AARP, etc. Many of them offer you large discounts on home insurance. Usually you get a big discount if you get your home insurance, car insurance etc. through the same company.

If you're renting, don't leave yourself vulnerable! Make sure you get renter's insurance. This can save your valuables in case of theft or accident.

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