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You should of course always have insurance for your physical structure of your home, and for the contents of your home should it be damaged. There are countless fires, floods, burglaries, lightning storms and other natural disasters out there in the world. It is WELL worth it to safeguard your possessions and your home.

That all being said, once you start running a business from your home, you have a new set of liabilities. Someone who enters your home to deliver a business package and falls and hurts himself will not necessarily be covered by your home insurance policy. Someone who buys your soap or uses your website information and ends up in trouble will sue you as a business - and your home policy won't cover it. If your computer is handling business work and is stolen, your home insurance policy may decide not to cover it.

Small business insurance is offered by pretty much anybody who offers home insurance, and often can be bought as an add-on to your existing insurance policy. You need to think carefully about how much liability you want to get, depending on your type of industry. I know one woman who can sell soap - but her insurance will NOT let her sell candles because of the added risk. If you are trying to sell something a person ingests you have a whole gigantic issue of liability because of the personal harm issues involved. Even websites can be sued, if someone feels that you are plagarising, or that the information you gave caused them harm.

Talk very carefully with your insurance agent about everything you do, and find a policy that protects you. Don't assume that you are small and therefore safe. It only takes that one cranky customer with a lawyer friend who decides to form a personal anger against you. One well crafted complaint can cause your entire reservoir of assets to be completely wiped out.

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