State by State Listing of LLC/Corp Info

You can legally register to have your business (LLC or Corporation) "live" in any state you wish. However, you may also be required to file as a "foreign authority" in other states depending on where your business has an office or pays sales tax or employees. For example, say I have my main office in Massachusetts. Sure I can file my LLC paperwork in Delaware because it's cheaper. However, because the main place of business is in Massachusetts, Massachusetts requires me to have an entity registered in Massachusetts (primarily so they can get their hands on their taxes) - which still costs the same $500. So it doesn't save any money.

Here are links to the various states' websites that deal with these issues. I am building this list over time.

If you know about a state not yet listed here, please let me know so I can add it in!

StateInitial FeeYearly FeeDate Verified
Connecticut $60$10Dec 2004
Delaware $90$20Dec 2004
Maine $175$85Dec 2004
Massachusetts $500$500Dec 2004
Nevada $75$75Dec 2004
New Hampshire $50$100Dec 2004
Rhode Island $150$50Dec 2004
Vermont $75$20Dec 2004

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