Creating an Active Blog

Blogs have been around by that name since 1997, but really, ever since the internet let people share information, people were posting diary-style news about what was going on in their world. I know I was back in the 80s :). Over the years blogs have grown, changed, and evolved so that a blog can mean a vastly different thing to a different person.

It's important for all web writers to understand what blogs are and how they are best used. That way, even if you choose not to maintain a blog in the end, you still understand what they are about and what the trade-offs are.

Here are the basics of setting up, maintaining, and promoting your website blog.

Why Have a Blog
What Is a Blog?
Why Have a Blog?
Critical Blog Tips
Giving Away Content vs Charging For It

Setting Up your Blog
Creating a WordPress Blog on your website
Customizing your WordPress Profile
Customizing your WordPress Look and Feel
Importing Data from Twitter into WordPress
Importing Data from RSS into WordPress

Getting your Blog Running
Automatically Updating from Twitter
Handling Spam in WordPress

Promoting your Blog
Displaying WordPress Posts on a Static Page
Blogs and Social Networking Promotions
WordPress and Social Media

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