Customizing your WordPress Profile

Once you have your WordPress blog up and running in its most basic form, it's time to begin customizing it. The first thing you want to customize is your main profile - the one you'll be making all your posts with. You want to make sure this profile is clearly identifiable as the main blog personality!

Log into your blog with your main username and password - the ones you set up when you did the install procedure. You'll be taken into the blog admin area. Click in the Users area and go to Your Profile. Is the logon you're using what you want your blog posts to be identified with? If not, use the "Nickname" field to customize your name. You can of course choose a fake name if you want to be anonymous, but the name should be something that your readers know is the "main blog voice".

Check again that your password is something sturdy with both letters and numbers in it. You don't want someone hacking into your blog and destroying it.

Add in your website URL and anything else you want to promote with your blog identity.

Adding a Photo
Interestingly, you can't add a photo here - you have to do that on an entirely different site. Go to This is where all Wordpress installations - everywhere - draw their photos from.

Create a new account on You'll have to do an email confirmation so they know you are a legitimate user. Load up any square image into the system, and now your comments that you make (in response to other peoples' comments for example) will have your chosen image associated with them!

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