Importing Data from Twitter into WordPress

Twitter is a great system - I love Twitter. But as great as it is, I would never trust all my content to live in an external system. That system could crash and go down. Numerous things could happen. You always want a copy of your data in your own hands. That's why it's a great idea to import your Twitter content into a WordPress blog.

This is NOT an easy process - but it is well worth it.

First, go to the Twitter page you want to get the details from, and keep hitting the "more" as many times as you need until you get it all on your screen. Then copy and paste all that content into a text editor. I would highly recommend downloading TextPad for free to do your editing. It provides a wealth of great tools.

OK, now you need the plug-in to let you import a text file. I have used the one at CSV Importer. So download that to your web server and put the files into the plug-in directory. Then use the WordPress admin interface to activate that new plug in that it will automatically see.

Now to format your text file. The beauty of this plug in is that you can have any order you want, as long as your header line matches up with it. All values need to have quotes around them. So it's time for some search and replaces. In TextPad, if you want to look for a line break, you look for a \n. By doing searches and replaces you should be able to get every blog entry onto its own line. The order doesn't matter at all.

With me this naturally falls into the order of:


And is fairly easy to get into this format. Everything goes in with a bulk title and category for now, you can tweak those once they get into the system.

What I tend to do though is tweak the format so that it's in RSS format, because I'm a fan off easy RSS importing, and just bring it in with the standard RSS filter!

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