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It's good to routinely do testing with Google. As you guys know, even increasing a result just one ranking level can lead to an enormous increase in traffic.

I posted a review for a book, "Wake Up!" about being a healthy weight. The book covers how bodies are naturally different shapes, how the media affects our image of a healthy body, and so on. So I posted the article here.

Wake Up! Book Review

Next, I posted news about this new article in my various feeds. I always post on my BellaOnline forums, on Twitter, on LinkedIn, on Google+, and on Facebook. The BellaOnline forums are in essence my blog. They are where we post promos for our articles and invite people to comment.

Then I went to Google and started searching on the title, as if I were someone seeking a review of the book. I assumed that after a few minutes the first visible result I'd see from my own efforts would be my Google+ page.

But - to my vast surprise - after five minutes a high result was the link to the BELLAONLINE FORUMS! That is, Google sees a forum system (blog system) as such a valuable resource that it is polling it EVERY FIVE MINUTES looking for fresh things to link to. It had that link posted before the link to my article, before Google+, before anything else.

The forum post I made wasn't massive either. It was just a brief few-line promo with a little note to draw people into the conversation -

Wake Up! Book Review Forum Post

So it took literally 30 seconds or so. Those 30 seconds resulted in enormously high placement on Google!

I highly recommend you ensure each page on your site - past and present - has a matching blog promo. If you haven't been doing this in the past, this is a wonderful way to build traffic. Every few days, blog about another page for people to see. Those blog posts will then drive traffic to your pages.

It's stunning to me how quick Google was at picking that forum post up, and in general how valuable those forum / blog style posts are.

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