Handling Spam in WordPress

It seems that pretty much the moment you create a WordPress blog that spammers will find you and start inserting spam messages into your comments area. It can be maddening - but take heart. It means your blog is being found by the world and spammers think it's worth their while to harass you! Be content that this is just one part of running a blog.

WordPress comes with a standard anti-spam processing unit, but you have to activate it. It is called Akismet. This costs money if you are a commercial venture, but if you're just a quiet blog that receives little money you can get the license for free.

First, go into your plug in area and activate the Akismet entry. It's already there. That is the anti-spam software that comes with WordPress.

Next, follow the link that is shown there and get your free key. This key will let you run the software.

Now, when you get in comments, mark them as spam. That connects them to the Akismet software so it can learn more about what spam looks like. It will auto trap comments for you as well. Between your help and its automation, spam will be a thing of the past!

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