Automatically Updating from Twitter

If you are maintaining a WordPress blog and a Twitter account, it is great when you can get Twitter to automatically update WordPress so you don't have to post in both places all the time!

The plugin I use for this is called "Tweet Import" and is found here - Tweet Import Plugin. Download the zip file onto your server and then put the unzipped directory into your wp-content/plugins directory. Next go into your admin area and activate the plugin.

You'll now have a menu area at the bottom of the left column called "skinju". There's a whole page to let you control how your content from Twitter is imported into WordPress! Put in the name or names you want to import. You can set it to update as frequently as every 15 minutes. You can choose a default category and even filter on tags. Make sure you use the "Add Account" at the very bottom of the page to save your changes.

Voila! Everything you post in your Twitter feeds will automatically become part of your WordPress post stream!

Update: Despite this seeming like a great idea, in the end I turned it off again. To me it's just as easy to keep a browser window open on my desktop all the time, pointing to my blog, and to paste the new post into there when I post into TweetDeck. That way I can choose a nice title and put it into the proper category. I don't like the entries showing up in the blog with messy looking titles and with no category.

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