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If you have a website, it is critical that you understand how search engines work. For many websites out there, up to 90% of all traffic comes in as a result of a search engine search. If someone cannot find you in a search engine - or if you show up on the 12th page of results - then you are missing out on a ton of potential customers who actively want what you offer.

There are TONS of for-pay search engine consultants out there. I highly, highly recommend you AVOID THESE. Search engines don't want entries that are forced into them. They consider these to be BAD entries. If your site is all about cucumber body masks - and your content is so atrocious that your page would not naturally show up as a high result on a search - why would a search engine want to "inflate" you ranking artificially? That would give them a bad reputation with their visitors, to show results that were poor matches for searches. The search engines always want to show the highest quality and most relevent results for any given search, so their visitors keep using them. It is your job as a web site owner to make sure your site IS the best quality result for searches done on your topic.

What does this mean? Again, let's assume you're a shop that sells cucumber body masks. It means you should make several pages about cucumber body masks, describing the history of them, the qualities of cucumber, how a mask works, why cucumber is so special in masks, how to use a cucumber mask, and so on. Make sure your pages are easy to navigate, and have a lot of informative text in them. Search engines are based on text words. Graphics are pretty meaningless to search engines.

Once your page exists, search engines will find it through their natural daily spidering of the web. When they find your site and see that it has a lot of pages right on that specific topic, they will give you a good ranking. After all, you apparently offer a lot of information for a person who wants to know about cucumber body masks!

Don't go overboard 'tuning' your site with metatags. Sure, you want your title to be short, clear and on topic. You want your content to be rich and informative. But the more you try to 'trick' the search engines, the more they will realize you are a poser and try to explicitly block you. You don't want to try to play games. You want to offer content that honestly is exactly what the visitors would want to read about, when they type in that search phrase.

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