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I have been a reviewer with Amazon since April 29, 1998. I am currently the top 49th reviewer in the entire Amazon system. That was not an instant rating. I took me many, many years and over 1,000 reviews to reach that level. However, the benefits have been amazing. I get offers every day from publishers and manufacturers to send me free products to review. I get email every day from people who are interested in my topic area who want to learn more about me and read my website.

For example, I write game reviews. All the hundreds of thousands of people who read my reviews on Amazon then track me down at my BellaOnline site to learn more about my other reviews. I write reviews about low carb books. Those readers then come read my low carb site at BellaOnline. I write reviews of origami books, and those readers then track down my origami page to buy my origami.

I do NOT insert blatant marketing into the actual review. I have lots of links in my profile area, and my name says "" as part of the name entry. So it's always quite obvious who I am and how to find me.

It is all about building up a reputation with a target audience. Let's say you are interested in birding. You review 10 different birding books you own or get from the library. Now birders who are looking for birding books will keep finding your reviews. Assuming you write quality reviews, they will want to know more about you and to find out if you write elsewhere. It is exactly the perfect marketing. You find people who are interested in your topic, you demonstrate that you are someone they can trust, and they actively seek you out.

Plus you get a ton of free stuff sent directly to you to read and play with.

Highly, highly recommended as a way to get free marketing. There are BILLIONS of people who use Amazon. It is by far the perfect place to be shown.

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