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Delicious - cutely created with the URL of (i.e. a US domain rather than a COM domain) is mainly a research tool that organizes great links so that people can find them. Much like Digg, this is not a site that holds content. Instead, it is a site that holds links to great content that is elsewhere. So the name of the game here is to create great content that people want to bookmark.

Only logged in users can create links in Delicious - so your aim here is to create links on all of your pages so that those users can easily add your links into their system. That way others can then learn about your links, and the love spreads around the world.

Yes, you can become a user and create links too. However, if all you do is link to your own content all day long, you won't be seen as an unbiased user :) It is much better to make links on all your pages and then to make your content great so that all of the other existing users in Delicious add you in and promote you up to get recognition.

Yahoo! bought Delicious back in 2005 and it became folded into their social networking offerings. While librarians certainly use Delicious to manage links to useful reference sources, Delicious is used by a ton of multi-computer users as an easy way to manage bookmarks that is "computer independent". That is, you can access your bookmarks no matter what machine you happen to be on at the moment.

That all being said, if you look on Alexa, Delicious is losing traction. It was always useful with "techies" - i.e. researchers who used multiple machines and wanted to get to their bookmarks from everywhere. However, for most users, it is a pain to use and just not sticky enough. If someone finds a cool link in Delicious, they're then going to bookmark that link in their browser. They won't bother to create a Delicious account in order to manage it in there. Some studies show that 80% of tags in Delicious are related to technology. So if you're a techno-head, you could find this really helpful. If you aren't, you probably won't.

Still, in the end, any way to get your links out there and seen is a good thing.

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