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Digg is really a way to share links with other people. You digg (i.e. "really like") a link and submit the link as a cool link into the Digg network. Other people then can digg a link too, and the more people who digg it, the more publicity that link gets.

This means there are two prongs to a Digg marketing system. First, you create an account yourself within Digg and start creating links to pages you find are really cool. Don't just enter your own links. The aim here is to become a trusted person who has valid links they love.

Next, you add Digg links to all of your website's pages, so that other visitors can easily Digg you. You can see an example of this kind of link on the BellaOnline Digg Example, below. It's a tiny link to Digg that is shown at the bottom of your page. Yes, this is "free marketing" for them. But really, they are HUGE. They get millions of pageviews every week. Chances are they are much larger than you and really don't care about any few clicks you might send them. However, you really DO care about any traffic they can send to you.

The more people who digg your pages, the higher your rating goes in the Digg network, and the more traffic Digg then sends over to you. And since their traffic is *huge* it is well worth this effort. Ten million page views EVERY DAY.

Digg is used by a ton of people. Back in 2004 it was 94% male, ages 20-30, high income. But Digg claims in modern times that it is a much more cross section of the general internet population that is creating the links there.

Remember, Digg doesn't HOLD content. They just hold LINKS to content. So you need all the content on your website, and then you need it to be catchy enough so that people "digg" it and enter its link into the Digg system. Your Digg profile is not NEARLY as important as having Digg links on all of your pages. Remember, there's only one of you. There are millions of Digg users out there waiting to click on links.

BellaOnline Digg Example

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