Authorship on a Google+ Business Page

It's fairly clear what the idea of a personal Google+ page entails, and how that person can claim authorship over articles they've written. It's also fairly clear how a business Google+ fan page promotes the brand of that business. But how can a business claim authorship for corporate content they publish?

Here's what the question entails. When I write content here on this Lisa Shea site, I mark me as the author. I link that to my personal Lisa Shea Google+ page. When you Google for something I've written about, let's say Getting your Book Published, the results in the Google listing nicely has my photo and other links -

Authorship on a Google+ Business Page

So far so good. I like that.

Now let's say there's content on my RomanceClass site, which is not all about "Lisa Shea wrote this". The RomanceClass site is branded so it's neutral. The content is there being provided by RomanceClass. So when you get a Google result for one of the RomanceClass articles, it doesn't have that name and bio information about Lisa Shea -

Authorship on a Google+ Business Page

There is in fact a RomanceClass Google+ page, all about the RomanceClass website and postings. Oddly though when I Google the word "RomanceClass" I get the main website, the Facebook page, the Twitter page, the PInterest page - and not the Google Plus page!! Certainly Google should want to be driving traffic to their own result?

That RomanceClass Google+ page has an icon and everything. So ideally the RomanceClass icon would show up next to the entry, just like with the LisaShea entry. The links to the RomanceClass Google+ page should show up as well.

However, I can't seem to find anywhere at all that allows one to create the link. All Google+ will allow is for my personal headshot and links to show up next to the RomanceClass content in their results. I wouldn't want that. The purpose of RomanceClass is not to promote me as an individual. It's to provide a "branded" experience.

If anybody has any thoughts on how to make this connection the way I'd like it to work, please let me know!

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Authorship on a Google+ Business Page

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