Google+ Basics

Facebook boasts millions of users. Twitter posts make international headlines. Just what is Google Plus, and how does it compare with other social networks?

First, it's fair to say that most people in social networking think of Google Plus as the "little brother" to Facebook and Twitter. They see far more traffic happening in the Facebook and Twitter worlds. That is definitely true. However, it is absolutely critical to have a Google+ presence as well. Here is why.

Google has maintained its role as a leading search engine for many years now. Billions of users use Google every day for their searches. They use Google Maps if they want to find local places. Both of these systems are owned by Google. Google gives its Google+ pages an advantage in all the search results. So, simply put, by having that Google+ page set up, you get instant, FREE, tangible benefit in all those search results.

So if you run any sort of a business and want that business to draw in and maintain clients, having a Google+ page is a key part of that strategy.

First, you need to make a Google+ page for YOU as the human being. This is just for you to log into. So set that up first. The two things you'll want is a photo of you, which goes by each post, and then a large, rectangular top banner image which is 2120 pixels wide by 1192 pixels high. Many people use a vacation photo here - it's meant to show something about your life.

Then, separately, you need to make a Google+ page for YOUR BUSINESS as a business entity. This is what your visitors will see. This business page will have all the details about the products you sell, the reviews people make about you, and so on. Again for the business page you'll want a small goes-with-every-post image, usually a logo, and then the larger banner, which often shows products or the company facility or something like that.

The more details you provide on that business page, the more likely you will be provided as a good search result match to people who are looking in your topic area.

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