Benefits of Google+

You've set up your Google+ account. You've started to poke around in it. Now you're wondering, just what are the benefits of having a Google+ account? Here are the benefits of using this Google+ system.

Web Page Ranking
First, and for many people most importantly, Google is now using the existence of a Google+ account to change the rankings of its search results for ALL GOOGLE VISITORS. That's right - if you DO NOT have a Google+ account, your websites could all drop in their listing locations and therefore in traffic. If you want your site to be found in the Google system, it's critical to have a Google+ account. So that's a bare minimum to get started.

Google+ doesn't just care about you making posts. Anybody can churn out thousands of posts a day if they are bored enough. What Google+ cares about are posts that OTHERS validate with comments and feedback. So it's important, when you make posts, that you build a following of people who will respond or like it or take similar action. If you're just getting started, enlist family and friends to help with that, to build up your following. The more people who respond, and the more quickly they respond, the more Google+ thinks that post is great and features it to its world-wide audience.

Circles and Endorsements
Next, let's say you are a service provider of some sort. Maybe you're a graphic designer, or a hypnotist, or a website designer. People are out there on the web googling to find you. Google is using the Google+ circle results to know what results to show to those searchers. Here's how this work. Let's say I have a friend, Debi Gardiner, who is a graphic designer. I therefore create a circle called "Graphic Designer" and put Debi into it.

Benefits of Google+ Circles

Google of course sees this. Its aim in life is to encourage everybody to use Google+ for social networking, instead of Facebook. So they actively read through, use, and affect their rankings based on this information. It sees that I have "endorsed" Debi as a graphic designer. So now when people search for graphic designers, it gives Debi's site at a boost because Debi is being endorsed within the Google+ system. Debi now has a free marketing boost that her competitors do not have. And the more of Debi's clients that similarly endorse her, the higher Debi rises in the results pages.

So there are two key things you want to do in the Google+ system:

1) Make regular posts about specific webpages on your site, and have people comment on them to show they're valid posts.

2) Ask people to endorse you by creating properly-named circles that reflect your target area. If you're a website designer, you want to be in a circle called "website designer". If you're an origami artist, you want to be in a circle named "origami artist". The more people who put you into meaningful circles, the more likely you'll be shown as a top result when people are in Google searching for that phrase.

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