Testing Google+ Search Results

When you are testing out your Google+ posting efficiency and search results, here are some key things to make sure you do properly. Otherwise your test may not provide valid results.

For my example, I wrote a book review for Global Business Etiquette on my Lisa Shea website. Here is the original book review - Global Business Etiquette Book Review.

I posted that review on my website. I then did promotions of that book review to my blog, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

While being logged into Google+, I then went searching for my content in Google. I came up within two minutes, from the Google+ post –

Testing Google+ Search Results

So I was already at a #3 ranking in two minutes! Sounds cool, right?

However, note at the top that it says “1 personal result”. So it is deliberately showing this as a PERSONAL connection.

It’s worth noting that when I switched browsers, so I was NOT logged in to my Google+ account, my Google+ post did NOT show up. So it’s important when you’re testing the Google+ results that you are NOT logged in. Otherwise your being logged into Google can bias it, and have you show you your own posts.

Also interesting, the link would appear and disappear over time. I could search 5 times and not have it come up at all (not even ten pages into the search results). Then I’d wait a minute, search, and it would be in the top 3 again. So maybe it depends which server you happen to hit, if the data has rolled out to it yet, and so on.

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