AutoPosting from Other Systems

It can be quite tempting. You're posting anyway on Facebook, Instagram, or another system. Why not just have that other system update Twitter for you?

Here's what happens. This is an auto-post from Facebook. The details were smudged to protect the guilty.

AutoPosting from Other Systems

I think you can see the problem. It's not a post! You have no idea what the image is. What the post is about. There really isn't any incentive to click through. People on Twitter want to scroll and see things. They don't want to have to pop up entirely new windows - and maybe then log into Facebook - to see what is going on.

Here's an even worse example.

AutoPosting from Other Systems

There isn't even any text! You have no idea what the link goes to! Who in the world would click on that?

Just don't do it. Take the 30 seconds to post fresh on Twitter with a good image and good hashtags. The enormous increase on traffic and followers is well worth it.

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