Changing your Twitter Profile Settings

Your Twitter profile settings are shown to every user who thinks about following you or who clicks on you to learn more. It's critical that you fill these in with information which will help your quest. You get to this form by clicking "Edit Profile" on the right of your main Twitter page.

Changing your Twitter Profile Settings

First, your bio. This is the key area. It can't be long. Just like Twitter posts, they expect you to be concise. Make this MEANINGFUL. This isn't the place to be cute and say "I can't compress my life into 140 characters." You need to convince them you're not a spammer. You also want to use a few hashtags in here so people searching through accounts for information can find you.

So for my Worcester MA account I said:

Worcester, Massachusetts news, band gig listings, restaurant specials, festivals, events, and more! #Worcester #MA #Massachusetts

For my Lisa Shea Author account I have:

I've written 200+ stories; I'm a fervent fan of honor, loyalty, and chivalry. Most of my profits support battered women's shelters. Namaste. #CR4U #IARTG

You can change this whenever you wish, as you learn more about what words work best on Twitter.

For the location, be as general or specific as you wish. Giving a town can help people feel more like you're a person, but if you have privacy concerns, a state or country is fine.

If you have a website you use, here's the place to link to it.

You can ignore the birthday entry if you wish.

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