Follower Basics

It's important to build up your list of followers on Twitter. These tend to be the key people who support and retweet you. How do you build up a large list of high quality followers?

First off, DO NOT CLICK on the recommended follower options on the right-hand side of your page. The one that randomly shows people who might know people you know.

Follower Basics

You have no idea how recently these people have posted or if they bother to follow back. What you need are active followers who will follow you. If you don't pay attention to this, then you could quickly end up in the position of having followed 5000 people, none of them followed you back, and you're now blocked from doing anything else. You don't want to reach that point.

So the solution is to attentively follow people who are most likely to follow you back.

Go to a page that is related to your topic area and that is active. It should be easy enough to find a page in your genre or business area that is active.

In this example, I'm looking at the Lisa Shea Artist page. On that page, you would click on the "followers" tab. These are people following Lisa Shea Artist. Because that account is active, and has steady growth, these are recent followers.

Follower Basics

You would then actively follow anybody who seemed legitimate. Ignore any spammers who might have not been cleaned off yet. Ignore any "buy tons of Twitter followers" spammy entries. But follow any legitimate users.

These users have shown that they want to follow people. They are actively following a person in your genre. So if they're likely to follow that genre-person, they're likely to follow you, too. And if they were just on a day or two ago to follow this person, they're likely to be active enough to follow you back soon, too.

If, instead, you choose random people on Twitter to follow, they could be the type who only logs on once a month. Or they could be the type who never follows anyone back. You want to connect with people who are active, who will follow back, and who might like and retweet your posts.

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