Pinning a Post

Your Twitter profile page is generally set up to show your latest post on the top. That makes sense. But what if you're busy retweeting posts from other people so those top posts are all about other peoples' efforts? If someone comes to your page they won't be able to see what it is YOU want them to learn about - be it a book, a product, an event, or something else. This is where a pinned post comes in.

Let's say I'm a tourism site for Worcester, MA. I'm out there on Twitter, happily retweeting posts I like from other people. So the latest post on my page happens to be a retweet I made for a local author.

Pinning a Post

Someone from the Worcester Art Museum visits my WorcesterMA page to learn more about me. But the latest post isn't about me at all. They aren't able to see whatever it is I most want them to see.

What I therefore do is "pin" a post to the top of my page as the most important post. That's the one I want people to see.

Pinning a Post

Even if I make posts after that, the pinned post will always remain on top. This can be a book promo you're doing, an upcoming event, a featured product, or whatever you wish.

While it's tempting to leave a pinned post up there for weeks or even months, keep in mind that a visitor can only retweet a given post of yours ONCE. So let's say your featured pinned post is a book promotion. Now say that you and another author are helping each other with retweets. The first time they want to retweet for you, they can retweet that pinned post. But the second time they want to retweet, they can't retweet that same pinned post again. Now they have to go hunting through your pile of tweets to find something else to retweet.

So it's best for you to routinely update the pinned tweet, so visitors have something fresh to retweet.

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