Retweeting on Twitter

Retweeting is incredibly powerful on Twitter. Here is how retweeting works and how to take advantage of its reach.

Your aim is to retweet posts that other people have made that you agree with. If you run a low carb website you wouldn't want to retweet posts talking about how delicious chocolate cake is. That would probably upset your followers. Instead, you'd want to retweet someone's delicious recipe for spinach quiche.

When you see a post that you'd like to share, there should be a button beneath it that looks like a pair of circling arrows.

Retweeting on Twitter

The icon will have a number by it. That shows you how many people have already retweeted the post.

When you click on the swirling arrows icon, you'll get the option to add your own thoughts to this post.

Retweeting on Twitter

Most of the time you just leave that blank, but if you really do feel the need to comment, have at it!

When you then click "Retweet" that post is put onto your own stream and goes out to your followers. It is clearly labeled as being a retweet from the original author. So it's not that you're taking credit for what they said. You are sharing the news and helping them get more viewers for their post.

Why Would You Retweet?

First, it's a great way to add more content to your own feed. If you run a low carb feed you don't have to be inventing new recipes every five minutes. You can share recipes other people have written. You can share news reports from CNN and other sites that relate to low carb. You can help support authors who have written low carb books.

In addition, if you retweet a post that another person makes, they are very likely to go to your site and retweet something that YOU have posted in thanks. So say that I as Lisa Shea Author make a post about one of my books. Say that John Smith Author sees my post and retweets it to his own followers. I'm then likely to go to John Smith's page, look for a post about his book, and retweet that to my own followers in thanks.

Note that a person can only retweet a given post ONCE. So this is part of why you want to make posts regularly. If someone retweets something for you on Monday, you want to give them something new they can retweet on Wednesday.

How do you See who has Retweeted You?

Click the "Notifications" icon in the top left of your main screen. This will show all details about retweets on your posts. You can then see exactly who retweeted a given post and then retweet something of theirs in thanks.

To summarize, you want to make this retweet option VERY easy for people, so you should always have your current favorite post pinned to the top of your Twitter feed. Read more about pinning to learn how that works.

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